Friday, February 21, 2014

A Drawing is worth 1000 words.

Hello Everyone!!. My name is Ronaldy Hernandez. I am a student in Memorial High School, West New York, New Jersey. I have a crazy passion for planes. I just love them. In this blog i will be posting a drawing every week of my favorite planes. I am not the best drawer but i do try my best to improve. Id love your feedback on my drawings. By the way, i would like to thank my teacher Mr. Grosinger, for showing me about blogging. You should definitely check his blog you will be fascinated by his work.

My First Drawing

This is a P51-D Mustang. This is my favorite plane of all time so i added it first. It is an American Fighter Jet used in WWII. It holds the the records for most enemy aircraft kills in WWII. It has a maximum speed of 437mph. At that time it was one of the quickest planes along with the Spitfire. With such a menacing look and ferocious appearance it catches my attention the most. What a piece of beauty in Aviation History.